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"Familiarity builds success, not failure"


As an attorney experienced in the high pressure New York City real estate market, I have dealt with many purchasers of condominium units who become overwhelmed with the process and fear of the unknown.

Your comprehensive guide and checklist to purchasing a condo unit in New York City will:

  • Give buyers a step by step practical road map which will help eliminate the stress and uncertainty in what many consider the biggest financial decision of their lives.

  • Give real estate agents the ability to anticipate potential road blocks that will delay or kill a deal.

  • Assist attorneys in answering some of the many questions their clients will (and should) ask during their representation of condo purchasers.



Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle
Familiarity Breeds Success
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A smart guide and checklist to aid agents in the condo transaction from an attorney's perspective.
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